Success Story: Ruth W. Dishes Up Kindness with Strawberry Pies and Service

“It is all about giving because I have really found out that the more you give, the more that you get in return.” —Ruth W.

Ruth W., who goes by Ruthie, is from Charlotte, North Carolina. She enjoys traveling, cooking, and giving to those in need. She and her two friends, Linda and Donna, are known around town as “the three servants.”

“We cook meals and deliver meals to the sick and people that need a little uplift,” says Ruth. “But cooking really requires a lot . . . and one night I was looking at Fox News and I saw the advertisement for Balance of Nature [supplements], so I told myself, ‘Why not try?,’ and I did.”

World Traveler

Ruth has traveled all over. One of her favorite places to visit was the Grand Canyon. “The Grand Canyon. It’s a sight to behold,” Ruth describes. “You see pictures of it, but you can’t really envision the beauty of it until you’re standing on top of it.”

She also recently traveled to Canada, where she visited Quebec and Montreal. “I’ve been traveling so much,” she says. “You have to go to Mackinac Island. You have to go over there by ferry, and you stay in the Grand Hotel. The Grand Hotel is fabulous. Red carpet all the way.”

Ruth also recommends visiting Myrtle Beach in South Carolina, but warns of the seagulls. “It’s a nice beach, but the seagulls, at one time, if you take bread out there, they’ll come out and take it out of your hand! I mean, you just store it, and they just all gang around you!”

Cooking, Baking, and Giving

Ruth loves to cook with her friends Linda and Donna, an interest they share to help those in need. “We prepare and deliver meals to the people who need a little bit of help or a little bit of an uplift,” she shares.

Lately, she has been busy making pies. “I must have made 10 within the last 5 days. Taking them to church, taking them to the sick, that makes them really perk up. It’s so simple to make. All you use is a graham cracker crust, you line it with cream cheese and sugar, and then you get the glaze and put the strawberries in it, and put whipped cream on top of it, and eat it. It’s good!” 

ruth strawberries edited.JPG

Ruth continues, “I’m a firm believer [that] the more you give, the more you get. That’s been true in my life. Yeah, it makes me very happy inside and bubbly knowing that I have really helped somebody to lift them up because there’s so many people in today’s world that need more help than anybody can give them. And I feel so blessed by being able to help just a little bit for different people—cooking and making pie.”

She concludes, “There’s so many people that are down, just really down in today’s world, and sometimes all it takes is a piece of pie or sometimes even a smile to make the sunshine come in their life again.”

Ruth Recommends Balance of Nature Supplements to Everyone

Ruth says she highly recommends Balance of Nature supplements!

Ruth realized she wasn’t getting a variety of fruit and vegetable ingredients every day. “So that’s when I thought, this is for me. I need my vegetables, and I need my fruits. . . . Balance of Nature [supplements are] such a simple way to get it—3 of the fruits and 3 of the vegetables [supplements] every day.”

Ruth says she has received many blessings. She is thankful for the life she’s living. “I feel like I need to give back, and believe me I do. . . . It is all about giving because I have really found out that the more you give, the more that you get in return.”

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