Success Story: Jay Wants to Shoot His Age!

“I started taking Balance of Nature [supplements] about seven years ago . . . . I’ve continued to work well into my seventies. And I feel like I can continue doing exactly what I’m doing. I don’t have a target, but I know that I’ve got a lot of good years ahead of me. My grandchildren, they’ve got a lot of goals, and I want to see them achieve them. And I’d like to get another hole in one and shoot my age again.” —Jay K.

Jay K. is a golfer, boater, grandfather, father, husband, and Balance of Nature customer. He lives in Wilmington, North Carolina, and says he is living the good life!

He moved to Wilmington about five years ago and works part-time. He says he is having a great time and is looking forward to the great years ahead.

Jay is also involved in charity work. He has been on the board of the American Cancer Society in New Jersey and is the head of golf operations for the Alzheimer’s Association of New Jersey. He is currently on the board of the Elks in Wilmington, where they do a lot of charity work for veterans and for children with special needs.

Why Jay Takes Balance of Nature Supplements

“I started taking Balance of Nature about seven years ago. . . . I had to change a lot of the things that I was doing. I was still very active, even up to that point, but I felt that changing my diet a bit and taking vegetable [ingredients]—which had not been a big part of my diet earlier—that had no additives or anything.”

When he started Balance of Nature seven years ago, Jay was around 68 years old. He still worked. He is still working now, and he enjoys golfing and boating.

“I played 140 rounds of golf last year, and I shot my age,” he shares. “You know, a lot of times, or when us golfers, as we have our 50th birthday, they say, ‘Okay, well, you played the front nine, now you’re going to play the back nine.’ I’m pretty well into the back nine, and I think I can do a few extra holes . . . . And I also took up another sport that I used to do as a kid in boating. And we live here near the shore, so it makes it convenient. When I’m not out on the golf course, I’m probably out on the water.”

Jay says a friend about his age started taking Balance of Nature supplements and suggested he take it too. They both still take the product.

He adds, “I’ve continued to work well into my seventies. And I feel like I can continue doing exactly what I’m doing. I don’t have a target, but I know that I’ve got a lot of good years ahead of me. My grandchildren, they’ve got a lot of goals and I want to see them achieve them. And I’d like to get another hole in one and shoot my age again.”

Jay Growing Up

Jay admits he never was a fan of vegetables growing up, but he does eat a lot of fruit. He says his mother and grandmother always told him to eat his vegetables. “I was a meat and potatoes kid,” he says. “Forty years ago, the closest thing I came to it was a carrot cake.”

He explains, “I eat a lot of fruit anyway, so I’m really doubling up on the fruit. I love fruit, but, you know, I’d push the broccoli and the brussels sprouts to the side of the plate and, you know, somehow wait until someone turned around and it’d end up in the garbage. . . . I knew she was right. I just didn’t like the taste of them. But actually, now I’m actually eating a lot more vegetables in addition to the Balance of Nature [supplements] because I am convinced that I need vegetables, so I’m trying some things that I never would have tried and find out that I actually do like them.”

Jay is still working. “I’m not full-time, but I’m working on some pretty extensive international projects that I’ve been working on for over 12 years. You know, like I said, I played 140 rounds of golf last year. I shot my age, which is not easy to do. Now that I’m a year older, it might be easier this year, but we’ll see. And you know, a lot of my friends are not being more active and I am, so they’re having trouble keeping up with me.”

How Balance of Nature Is Different

Jay says he appreciates how Balance of Nature interacts with customers. “You actually reach out and use the phone the old-fashioned way,” he says. “Well, us senior citizens appreciate that.”

He says the fact that Balance of Nature supplements has natural ingredients is what sets it apart for him: “There’s no additives, and that really sets it apart for me because I think people, with all the fast-food places out there—and all the additives that go into all that—I’ve had enough of it. I’d rather have natural food [ingredients], and you can’t get more natural than vegetable and fruit [ingredients] growing right out of the earth.”

Golf Is a People Sport

Jay says he started playing golf at age seven! “Even at 76 years old, [I am] able to play golf in the morning and still have a desire and the ability to go out and play another nine.”

“I played 140 rounds last year. It’s like every three days I’m, you know, every 2 1/2 days I’m playing golf. Most people play 20 times a year.”

He says golfing is important to him because it helps him, and he can interact with people.

“I can interact with people and tell them my story, and I’m very interested in what their story is,” Jay shares. “Helps me to be a better person. I’ve met some wonderful people. And I’ve made a lot of money playing golf, not because of the competition, just because of the people I’ve met playing golf. It’s been wonderful.”

He continues, “When I was in the insurance business, I would take customers out onto the golf course. Because we were out there together for four hours and they would talk, I could learn a lot about them, so that I could help them. They could also learn a lot about me, so they could trust me. And the two worked together, so that I can give them good advice for them to have a better life.”

Jay shared that he has a friend who is 88 years old and outdrives him here and there, so his goal is to be like him!

“You know, a lot of times I’ll go play 18 in the morning and then have lunch and someone will say, ‘Hey, let’s go an extra nine,’ and I’ll go back out there,” he says. When I’m not on the course, I’ll go down to the boat, and go out for a ride, and take the grandchildren out for a ride. It’s a good way to keep families together.”

Families That Boat Together

Jay grew up going on his friends’ boats and continued boating throughout his life. “When I first got married, we lived up in Marblehead, Massachusetts, which is sort of the sailing capital of the east, other than Newport, Rhode Island. . . . It’s a social-type sport. I’m learning about fishing now, so it’s a part of my life. It’s a part of my social life that I really enjoy.”

He continues, “We can fit a whole family of parents, grandchildren, and everything on the boats, and we can get out to the beaches and spend the day together without our cell phones and [tablets] and things like that. We can actually talk with each other.”

Enjoying Life

Jay says work is fun!

“When people say to me, ‘When are you going to retire?’ You know, retire from what? From fun? [I’m] getting paid. Getting paid to have fun!”

“I kept going, playing golf and doing all my charity work with American Cancer. The biggest thing is yeah, it helped me to—when I realized I needed to change my diet—it made it easier to do it,” Jay says.

He adds, “I realized that I enjoyed what I was doing. I enjoyed being. I enjoyed working. I enjoyed playing golf, and I enjoyed especially being a grandfather, and I wanted to do that for a long time. So I realized I had to change my lifestyle.”

Jay Recommends Balance of Nature Supplements

Jay has recommended Balance of Nature to others, as well.

“I’m proud to tell them [people] about Balance of Nature because it’s not like I’m telling them about some quirky thing that I saw on TV at 3 o’clock in the morning. I’ve been using it for seven years, and I’m pretty comfortable telling anybody that wants to know what my regimen is,” he shares.

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