PHYTOLOGY FRIDAY - October 23, 2020

Our weekly digest of the latest information on pure, potent, plant power.

Welcome to Phytology Friday, Balance of Nature’s weekly digest of the latest information on pure, potent, plant power.

This week on the blog we talked about calories in fruits and vegetables and the phytonutrient cinnamaldehyde. We also shared a recipe for stir fry.

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This week we found content about paying attention to what you eat, getting enough sleep, and phytonutrients. We also discovered a yummy smoothie recipe that features our Fiber & Spice blend!



The Danger of Fast Carbs

Eat less processed food and more whole food. (The Atlantic)


Why I’ve Gone All-In with a Plant-Based Diet

Eating primarily whole foods has many benefits. Whether you are vegetarian, vegan, or something else, you should choose whole, unprocessed foods. (Live the Little Things)


How Not Sleeping Enough Can Influence Your Food Choices and Tips for Sleeping Better

All areas of your health are related to each other. The amount of sleep you get can impact the food choices you make throughout the day. Get a good amount of sleep, and think about your food choices. (Nutrition Stripped)


The Benefits of Colorful Fruits and Vegetables

You know we love phytonutrients! (Japan Stripes)


Britain's Obesity Strategy Ignores the Science: Dieting Doesn't Work

Pay attention to what’s in the food you eat, and develop a positive relationship with food. (The Guardian)


Balance of Nature Review and Fiber Smoothie Recipe

This delicious and easy smoothie recipe uses Balance of Nature’s Fiber & Spice! (Practical and Pretty)