Health Coaching

Empowering you to get results.

The development of Health Coaching

Dr. Howard believes your health is your personal responsibility. When developing Balance of Nature, he knew two things were necessary for patients to really take responsibility for their health: education and accountability. Education empowers you and a system to measure and report your progress improves results.

Our Health Coaching Services were developed as an ongoing source of education and support. Our goal at Balance of Nature is to support our customers in educating themselves on health related issues and attaining optimal health – a balance between physical, spiritual, and chemical health.

Health Coaching

Real People & Real Results. Balance of Nature provides Health Coaching Services at no additional charge. This is a crucial tool to maximizing your results. Our coaching relationships are about support, accountability, and excellent communication.

We provide you with a personal health coach who is interested in your results and success. Our health coaches are trained in Dr. Howard’s philosophy. They will support you in your quest for a healthier lifestyle. They will encourage you to accept accountability, help you set goals, and follow up on your progress.

We get Results

See For Yourself. We are a results-based company. We do more than make promises; we expect results. We have scientific studies that show what is happening on a cellular level when you consistently consume our products. Real results are taking place even before you recognize any changes yourself. We collect success stories from customers every day about their personal experiences with Balance of Nature.

We encourage you to review our research, studies, and success stories. Our success stories are unsolicited. Our research is thorough and reliable. Each study has been conducted by third-party hospitals, universities, or research departments.

Dr. Howard's Philosophy

Complete health can only be achieved through personal accountability. During 20 years of practice, Dr. Howard developed a simple philosophy to clarify your personal health responsibilities: The Triad of Health.

Physical Health: This is what you do and how your body functions, all the way down to the cellular level. This side of the triad includes consistent physical activity and proper function of your physical body.

Spiritual Health: This encompasses spiritual, mental, and emotional health. This side of the triad includes what you think, how you think, your relationships, and your attitude. We believe complete health cannot dismiss your relationship with God and daily personal meditation.

Chemical Health: This involves every function of your body. This side of the triad includes what you eat, drink, breathe, absorb, or consume in any way. Your body is a fantastic chemical laboratory—the substances you choose to expose it to affect its intricate functions & processes.