Success Story Feature—Tom “Quitproof” Jones

“Endurance athlete” doesn’t quite sum up Balance of Nature customer Tom Jones, but it is a big part of his life’s work thus far. Jones has set records and accomplished incredible physical feats. And he’s hungry for more.

Tom Jones is a father, husband, and family man who is a seven-time Muay Thai champion, a Veteran Marine, a good person, and someone who wants to share his energy and passion with other people. Tom brands himself as“Quitproof” because his message is to never quit and that everyone can succeed. 

Jones has been a professional athlete his entire life, both in endurance and explosive sports. He is an endurance runner. He also cycles, paddleboards, surfs, does calisthenics, and has set world records for endurance running, endurance paddling, and flatwater stand-up paddling. Not many people can say they’ve set a record paddleboarding from Oregon to Mexico, broke their own record, and then set a new record paddling from Key West, Florida, to New York City. And Jones intends to continue setting more records. 

Professional athletes have products thrown at them all the time—Jones is no exception. He has tried many different supplements, power drinks, and vitamins. Normally, he wouldn't notice an increase in performance when he tried them—until Balance of Nature. 

Although Balance of Nature was recommended to him by a trusted friend, Jones still wanted to do some research before putting something new in his body, as anyone would. His research piqued his interest. 

What got him excited? He learned that Balance of Nature is whole food and all-natural. The more he looked into how the product is made, what it's made from, and why it’s made, the more convinced he was to try it. 

“We're all made up of billions of cells,” he says. “That's what we are. . . . So I've always been a proponent of hydrating myself at the cellular level, feeding myself at the cellular level, and [getting] nutrition at the cellular level. And when I started researching into Balance of Nature and how they formulate the product and why, I really resonated with that.”

Try it he did, and he never stopped. Over time, Jones said it had a remarkable effect on his health. “With taking Balance of Nature, I have felt more energy, more quality of life, higher performance, [and] better recovery.”

Balance of Nature, he explains, helps him get the “critical nutrition” his body needs. He believes the product supplies the fuel necessary to live a very healthy life. 

He elaborates:

As a professional athlete, fruits and vegetables are critical. And I think for an everyday 
person, fruits and vegetables are critical. I mean, let's face it, we're all human beings. . . . 
Whether you're an athlete at my level or you're just going through your day-to-day life, 
we all need to be fed, and we all need nutrition right at the same level. 

In addition to believing in the integrity of its products, Jones has embraced Balance of Nature’s Triad of Health and believes it plays an important role in living a healthy, vibrant life.

Jones admits that he “never really felt great,” except for when he was declared a winner for his fights and then he would go back to “a dark place inside.” At one point, he heard there was a foster care facility in his area that wanted a playground but didn’t have the funds to build it. That’s when Jones came up with the idea to run from Oregon to Mexico to raise money for it. When the playground was dedicated, Jones said it was the first time that he felt his life was worthwhile and had a purpose. He wanted to do it again, so he did. 

He raised funds again in 1999, and in 2000 he ran 101 consecutive marathons from California to New York City, stopping at foster care facilities along the way to share his story.

“It became a feel-good addiction for me,” he says. Twenty-five years later, Jones finds himself running again for youth—this time from Alabama to Utah to raise money and bring awareness to the American Village, being built in the west by United We Pledge. American Village West will serve as an educational experience where visitors and students can be educated on U.S. history, freedom, family, and faith. To learn more, visit or

Jones has made it his life’s mission to do something worthwhile, to inspire people to make good choices and to become contributing members of society. He is always searching for products, goods, and services to help him with that mission. Balance of Nature Fruits & Veggies and Fiber & Spice do just that: they give him the energy and strength he needs to keep going. 

Along his life’s journey, Jones also became interested in the ocean and started an environmental education program for youth. He began stand-up paddleboarding in an effort to spread awareness for the environment. He set records—and then broke those same records. Becoming addicted to establishing records, his new goal is to circumnavigate North America on a hydrofoil board sometime in the future. Stay tuned!

Jones has also brought attention to other worthwhile causes outside of the environment, such as abused and neglected children. Additionally, as a Veteran Marine, he has taken a special interest in veteran suicide prevention. He established the Tom Jones Foundation to aid in these causes and spread awareness. 

Having grown up in the foster care system, Jones said all he wanted was for his life to “not to be a ‘throw away life.’” He wanted to prove that it doesn’t matter what you’re dealt in life, it’s how you deal with it that matters. He overcame a difficult childhood and built his life out of nothing, and now he lives to try to help others. That is one reason he’s so excited about Balance of Nature: it helps him facilitate and carry out his callings and passions in life. 

Jones is passionate about the product and wants people to take Balance of Nature because he wants them to live happy, healthy, more productive lives. “Stand on the gas pedal, you’ve got nothing to lose and everything to gain,” he says.

“If you really want better health, better quality of life, go out and get yourself some Balance of Nature and get started on it.”

He summed it up best when he said:

Balance of Nature is a really simple and straightforward product, and I believe that . . . 
that's the magic of it. You know, it's very simple. It's very easy to take, and you don't 
really have to think about anything except for opening the bottles and taking the product 
and going about your daily life. And you're going to feel much, much better after getting 
on this product. 

As humans, we all need fruits and vegetables to supply our bodies with the proper nutrition they need to function well. To learn more, visit our website at

Jones doesn’t want to let age define him; he refuses to let somebody else dictate who he is and the way he lives his life. He doesn’t want to slow down. Balance of Nature helps keep him going and helps him live up to his self-proclaimed moniker “Quitproof.”

We all have one life to live, Jones shares, so he asks himself, how am I going to live it? His answer? To the maximum.