Success Story: Evie Is Golfing Her Way through Life

Balance of Nature customer Evie C. is a mother to 2 sons and a grandmother to 3 grandchildren. She says she is really glad to still be around to witness the growth of her grandchildren. “I’ve always maintained that my resume was my sons, and it really truly is when it’s all said and done. . . . And I look at my grandkids, and they’re growing and I’m so glad that I’m around to watch them grow,” she says. Evie is also a passionate golfer and aspiring author. 

Evie grew up in Hawaii but has stayed on the mainland since she was 17 years old. She grew up playing competitive tennis but later discovered a passion for snow skiing and golf. However, after an accident, her life would dramatically change. With the help of Balance of Nature, Evie’s determination allowed her to make it those “last 5 yards” and overcome the obstacles she faced.

Evie’s Life Changes 

Evie loves golf; she was successful and became very competitive at it.  But, after her accident 11 and a half years ago, she says she was frightened because she didn’t know if she would be able to play golf again, let alone walk.

“I needed 100% assistance because I could not even get out of bed on my own. I couldn’t do any of the things that I love to do, 2 of which would be, being able to hold my granddaughter, which obviously I couldn’t do, and the second was my passion, which was to play golf,” Evie explains. 

“And, even though I got to a point overtime that I was able to walk again, drive again, and be able to do other activities, it was being able to do it with limitations. Which meant ultimately, that I couldn’t golf because golf is a sport that you need all your faculties for, and this prevented me from doing that, which was very heartbreaking. I could only go so far, albeit, I was grateful at least I could walk, I could drive, I could function as an adult with limitations. That having been said, it became important to me that my granddaughter be able to golf, and she did, so I vicariously lived through her until I . . . decided to use Balance of Nature.”

Evie says that being restricted in such a way was frightening—but her determination to push through would all pay off. “As a person, I don’t like being out of control. To be so restricted that way was frightening for me; it was absolutely frightening.” She says the only thing that kept her going emotionally was saying to herself that she has to try and fight through this. “And I was fortunate that I did because, I tell you what, if I didn’t it would have been so easy to fall into depression because it was so frightening.”

Overcoming Obstacles

After her medical procedures and working with her doctors, Evie participated in acute rehab. She received a full evaluation and, when she met the director, she made her determination known to overcome this and get back home. She told them, “I’m going to be your poster child for recovery because I’m going to do everything your therapists want me to do.” Evie’s son was especially proud of the progress she made, visiting every day. 

When Evie went home, she made sure to use her walker 8 hours a day. She then went to outpatient rehab and was allowed to remove her neck brace and to drive. 

Evie thought she wouldn’t golf again, so she turned her attention to mentoring her granddaughter, who became very successful in the sport. “I realized that although I would never golf again, that I was vicariously living through Charlotte and it was going to be okay.”

Trying Balance of Nature

In 2022, Evie decided to try Balance of Nature. “For all that I could see, it looked like it was pragmatically a smart thing to do. It’s not gonna hurt me and maybe could even help me, who knows,” she said.

Evie started taking the product at the beginning of last year and could see differences by October. “I realized there were different nuances in my life, in my health,” she says..

Evie said for her, Balance of Nature was an opportunity to get the amount of nutrition from fruits and vegetables daily that nobody realistically could otherwise. “Over a span of 10 months, I could see changes within my quality of life, and these changes in my quality of life allowed me to try and swing a club again.”

Evie Gets Back on the Course!

Pictured: Evie (right) golfing with her granddaughter (left)

She then went to a swing coach who, after their session, assured her that she could go back on the course and keep playing. “I said, ‘You’re kidding me. That's huge. That’s the last 5 yards of my journey here is to be able to play golf.’ I was ecstatic.”

Evie continues, “ . . . So I looked at it and I said, you know, the research that Dr. Howard* did, the 2 decades of going through different food groups and doing a correlation . . . all paid off. . . . I will take Balance of Nature for the rest of my life. I feel so much better. I mean, it’s amazing, I cannot tell you, and I just wish I had started it earlier. That having been said, who knows what other positive things can happen.”

“I feel better, I think better, you know, I could do more things now that I couldn't before. And so I am so happy that I did, that I took a chance, that I took a leap of faith and I took the product. ”

Evie said it felt like deja vu to golf again. “What made it so sweet was that everybody had given up on me and said this is as good as it’s gonna get, so to be able to cross that last 5 yards—if you follow football, you’re in the red zone, [and] you gotta get past the last 5 yards and get there—how sweet is that. For something that was so much a part of my life . . . it was my life, I was so passionate about it, winning tournaments . . .  it was fun.”

Evie is now able to enjoy her passion of golfing once again. 

Fruits of Life

Evie shares that she has also been a “closet writer” for the past couple of decades. She learned this past year that a couple of her books are going to get published, one having to do with her accident and recovery. 

“My goal is that if others in my situation . . . would have the hope that they can also get better enough that they can enjoy the fruits of life, that’s my goal,” Evie shares.

Evie Recommends Balance of Nature for All!

Evie said she would recommend Balance of Nature to anyone and everyone at all ages of life!  She says she is confident she is getting the nutrition her body needs because of Balance of Nature:

“I augment my diet with Balance of Nature. So whatever I eat, I am confident that by taking Balance of Nature I am getting the balance of what I need nutritionally to have the quality of life that I have now. And I just believe that it’s gonna get better . . .  based on what I've been through, just in 10 months, can you believe that!”

“I’m a firm believer of facts, not fiction. I’m a firm believer of order . . . and I’m a firm believer of end results,” she says. She said that getting over the last 5 yard line—being able to golf and hold her granddaughter—who were her 2 wishes. 

She Is a Customer for Life

“I will be taking Balance of Nature for the rest of my life. I am convinced that I can only get better and have a better quality of life by continuing this process. I am so glad I found it. I am so glad that I’m taking it.” 

Evie adds, “I can golf, and I can hold my granddaughter—2 of the most important things that were in front of me at the time. Taking Balance of Nature, it’s given me a new quality of life. It works, and I will be taking it for the rest of my life. That’s how convinced I am about it, and I encourage everyone to do it because it can only make your life better.”

“[Balance of Nature], it’s definitely made my life better.” 

If you want to feed your body superior nutrition from whole food in capsules, try Balance of Nature and experience the difference for yourself! As Evie said, you can never know the positive things that can happen unless you try for yourself and see. 

Watch this video about Evie's success with Balance of Nature!