Success Story Feature—April Flynn

Balance of Nature gives Dr. April Flynn the competitive edge and the nutrition she needs, without the bulk, to succeed in her running races. The nutrition in Balance of Nature also benefits her skin and mental focus. She recommends it to her patients—and to everyone, for that matter!

Balance of Nature customer Dr. April Flynn has been practicing chiropractic for twenty years and has been a runner since she was 10. She has competed in almost 100 half-marathons and 18 marathons but has recently switched to Masters Track & Field, rising to the USA Track and Field 5,000 Meter National Champion. 

"As an athlete, fruits and vegetables are critical for the winning edge because we have to have superior nutrition at the cellular level, and we have to worry about recuperating," April says. "And, as we age, we’re definitely not getting enough fruits and vegetables in our diet, especially if you travel. And the one thing you have to stay ahead of is injuries and recovery. So fruit and vegetables [in] Balance of Nature [have] absolutely solved that problem and [have] given me the winning edge."

April says a lot of runners forgo fruits and vegetables due to the bulkiness that can weigh them down and the potential gastrointestinal issues. Balance of Nature gives her body the nutrition it needs and the competitive edge to prevail in a race. She usually takes extra Balance of Nature before a race and doesn’t ever have a problem.

April takes her recommended servings—3 Fruits and 3 Veggies—every day. She increases the amount at least three weeks before a race. She takes Balance of Nature every morning with a light breakfast. This gives her peace of mind that she is nourished for her race and can perform at her best. 

As an athlete, recovery is of utmost importance to April. Balance of Nature has the nutrition to help her recover quickly. 

April turned to chiropractic when she injured her back while running in high school and was back on the track after just one adjustment. She said she was sold and knew she wanted to go into chiropractic. April did her undergrad in Atlanta, Georgia, while still running and raising two kids. 

As a chiropractor, April wanted to be sure that what Balance of Nature says is in its product is actually in it, before recommending it to her patients. Because Balance of Nature is independently tested, she can confidently recommend the products to her patients. 

“Balance of Nature makes my life much easier,” she says. “I work out two to three hours a day, I see patients, I have a teenage daughter, two dogs, and a busy, busy schedule. . . . Balance of Nature takes [away] that worry: whether I’m depriving my nutrition because I don’t always have the time to meal prep or to prepare my fruits and vegetables the way I want to. So I feel confident that I’m actually getting my nutrition even though I’m busy.”

A lot of people prepare meals ahead of time, but it’s still hard to get enough servings of fruits and vegetables. Balance of Nature helps that problem. 

Balance of Nature hasn’t only helped April with her athletic career, but it has also helped with her skin health. After she turned 50, she started noticing changes in her skin—it wasn't as bright or supple. 

After six weeks of taking Balance of Nature, she noticed a difference in her skin’s suppleness and saw that it had a glow. She felt like she was “protecting and nourishing her skin from within.”

April would have to explain to others that Balance of Nature isn’t a vitamin but a whole food supplement that gets into the cells. The people she referred to Balance of Nature would usually feel and notice a difference within four weeks of taking it. 

“In school, we were taught that aging begins at 25, and that scared me. I thought, what can I do to stop it or stay ahead of that curve? We all know diet and exercise [play] a role, but also the way you think, the way you feel, keeping laughter in your life, keeping gratitude in your life. And, part of that is definitely your nutrition.”

April goes on to explain how nutrition affects people mentally. “If your head is clear and focused and you're eating the right foods and you're feeding your brain the right foods, then you're going to think [clearly],” she says. 

April also sings praises to Balance of Nature’s Fiber & Spice. She believes it is superior to other fiber supplements on the market because of the whole psyllium husk: it is perfect for digestive health. 

She thinks everyone should take Balance of Nature. Why? “[When] you feel good, you naturally have that youthful exuberance about you and you glow and people wonder: you know, you're just so happy. What is that all about? Well, happiness comes by feeling good.”

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