Success Story Feature: Rick Barnes

Success Story Feature: Rick Barnes

“[Balance of Nature] helped me get back to my family, get back to my hobbies, and get back to my life," customer Rick Barnes says.

Rick Barnes is a Balance of Nature customer, retired firefighter, and family man. He started taking Balance of Nature in an effort to have better health. To his surprise, it did that and more. 

Rick experienced severe back pain in 2020, five years after he retired. He couldn’t go to the gym. He was in such bad shape that doctors feared he could become paralyzed if he were to fall or get in an automobile accident. 

Rick had to have both back and neck surgery. 

He felt that his surgeries and Balance of Nature helped him. “I know deep down that it was because of the maximum nutrition I was getting from Balance of Nature,’’ he says. “It helped me get back to my family, get back to my hobbies, and get back to my life.”

Rick went into firefighting to help people and to save lives. “We made an impact on people’s lives. We changed lives. . . . That’s what Balance of Nature does,” he says. “It helped change my life as an individual.” 

He explains that firefighting is strenuous on the body and that firefighters never know what they’re going to be faced with when they answer a call. 

Rick is proud he was a firefighter and that he could provide care and safety to his fellow Americans. As one gets older, Rick says it gets harder to function normally through everyday living. He says exercise and proper nutrition, like Balance of Nature, really come into play to help a person feel healthy, energized, and ready to take on a full day.

“Balance of Nature helps me get things done that I have to do. Balance of Nature helps me get things done that I want to do.”

Rick enjoys hunting, fishing, gardening, and being outside. He always takes Balance of Nature along on his adventures.  

Even after he retires, he plans to continue helping people. The additional fruits and vegetables from Balance of Nature, he knows, will help him have the energy to do so.

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